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Media Raves

"excellent reference book"
-- Parents Magazine

"the book is filled with useful ideas"
-- Good Housekeeping

"this one is original"
-- American Reference Books Annual

"libraries ought to have at least one book in the collection like this."
-- American Libraries

"Lynie's research has taken her into the national spotlight"
-- The Herald-Sun, Durham

"(the) book shows you everything you need to know."
-- Knight-Ridder

"eye-opening, I'd even say inspiring"
-- Whole Earth Review

"Arden (is) a nationally recognized expert on franchising."
-- Medford Mail Tribune

" a comprehensive classic"
-- Home Office Computing

"Don't have a clue about how to get started? Check out Lynie Arden's book.
-- Working Mother Magazine

"if you want a job at home, get The Work at Home Sourcebook.
-- Woman's Day

"Lynie Arden is sending office workers home."
-- USA Today

"an excellent reference"
--The Secretary Magazine

"one of the best books on the market on this subject"
-- Small Press Reviews

"I recommend it most enthusiastically; compliments to author Lynie Arden for a job well done."
-- R.H. Hoffman, WNWK TV

"Arden has done her homework -- literally and figuratively."
-- Spokane Chronicle

"An invaluable source of information
-- North Arkansas Times

"the book is an excellent resource just because of the breadth and thoroughness"
-- Telecommuting Review

"a neat package"
-- The Salt Lake Tribune

"A wealth of information...Besides being a tremendous financial resource, this book is just plain fun to read"
-- Welcome Home

"Packed with solid information"
-- Looks at Books "An excellent book"
-- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette